New Painting-Video

2013-01-05 18:18:22 by FarturAst

Had a lot of work to do but i had a little bit free time to do a lil speedpainting-video. Original Time for that pic was 1:30 h, Adobe PhotoshopCS5, Wacom Intuos4


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2013-01-05 21:56:08

Good to hear you're busy! Thanks for sharing your work here :)
Say, what's a Wizzeldude? Does it pay well?

FarturAst responds:

THATS a really good questen. Wizzel stands for manifold situtations when it is to complicated to explain the whole thing. So in that case it is just a n umbrella term for a client. ...puhh...


2013-01-07 23:56:07

Wow ur are awesome making these picture and also fast o_O?
r u using mouse or ...?

FarturAst responds:

Haha nooooo! A Mouse for working on this would be like you will draw a traditional portrait with your shoes.

No sereasly i am using a wacom grafictablat intuos4M