New Blog Header

2012-12-06 19:04:34 by FarturAst

Hey folks,

i reaally love to update my blog with all my artstuff-poopy but the last weeks there was one problem: I get so sick when i take a look at my header, because it was so cramed and chaotic that i don´t could take just one more look at it. So today was the day where i decided to make a change and painted a new header for my blog.

Like this NG-Skindesign i also wanted to paint an icebear because icebears rocks!
Last year i´ve done another header for the german comunity where i also paint a bear in an atumn-environment. ( i think i´m in love with bears... )

So here it is ( full resolution on my blog ):

New Blog Header


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2012-12-07 01:21:49

nice picture! Artistic


2012-12-08 12:14:41

polar bear makes me smile :)


2012-12-14 08:25:26

Nice one you got there ;)